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Tetra Goldfish Weekend 10Stk

TetraFin® Holiday Food (10 sticks)- 100% edible foodsticks for feeding goldfish and other coldwater fish during holidays and weekends away.

Price £3.60

Tetramin Weekend Holiday Food 11Stk

Tetramin Holiday Food. 100% edible foodsticks for feeding fish during holiday and weekends away. High proportion of essential minerals and a high protien content to ensure fish remain in good condition.

Price £3.60

Tetra Goldfish Holiday Food

TetraFin Holiday Food. Provides 2 weeks nutrition - Patented gel-based formula containing only natural & 100% edible ingredients.

Price £4.72

Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks

TetraPond® Wheatgerm Sticks Highly digestible food sticks for feeding fish (including koi) during the winter, once temperatures fall below 10 °C

Price £7.37