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Jvp Anti Mite Extra Cage Bird 150Ml

Anti-Mite Extra for Cage Birds and Pigeons Kills red mite, northern mite, lice and other common external parasites and protects against reinfestation.

Price £4.99

Jvp Sanded Perch Covers 4

M080 Packet of 4 Sanded Perch Covers For budgies and canaries. Special fine texture - helps keep nails trim and clean.

Price £1.99

Jvp Scaly Lotion 15Ml

M050 15ml Dropper Scaly Lotion For scaly face and scaly leg. In dropper bottle. Gentle soothing and non-staining.

Price £4.29

Pettex Bird Sand 10Kg

Superfine bird sand is suitable for all types of birds, commonly used on the floor of cages and aviaries to enable easy cleaning. Added oyster shell aids digestion and provides essential nutrients.

Price £6.69