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Coa Halti Headcollar

The Halti Headcollar was the world's first dog headcollar created in 1979 by Dr Roger Mugford.

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Canny Head Collar Black

Canny Collar The revolutionary new Canny Collar is now used by the RSPCA and Association of Guide Dogs for the Blind as a key training aid to prevent pulling on lead.

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Silent Whistle

Silent Dog Whistle by Rosewood, a quality item from an excellent range of pet products. The Silent Dog Whistle is used for training & obedience, the sound adjustment is made by releasing the locking nut and turning the screw. It is recommended that the sa

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Professional Dog Whistle

The professional dog whistle features an adjustable tone that carries a long distance. It?s a great training aid for any dog ensuring you have their full attention.

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Deluxe Silent Dog Whistle

The deluxe silent dog whistle has a tone that carries long distances. This silent whistle is inaudible to you, but your dog will hear it and respond.

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Dog Treat Bag

Dog Treat Bag - Great way to communicate 'good dog' the moment your dog obeys a command.Hangs on your belt and keeps treat accessible.Draw string closure secures treats inside and

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